How Do You Feel About Change?

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Lesson : Making Changes 

Getting ready to change and focus on empowering you to see where to make the first steps. Embark on a journey to a new healthier lifestyle

 It takes time to break a habit. First note which change will have the most benefit and will be achievable to change. Gather more confidence in gaining information on what makes you tick and what makes you stop.

 Learn about new theories on chronic pain and solutions to put it in remission or reduce the intensity of symptoms from Phil Sizes book Chronic Pain – The Drug Free Way. Medical research and science on chronic nerve pain and new ways to help.

Acute pain is a short-term reaction to an injury which is designed to warn us protect the injured part of the body and commence the healing process in the body. Chronic pain is a longer-term reaction to damage. This can be caused by inflammation linked food allergies, past trauma, structural weakness or damage, emotional grief, or nutritional deficiencies.

Pick an area to make a change – decide if you want to take a small or a large change to start.