Start Healing Your Digestive System in 15 Days

Start healing digestive system 15 days

Welcome! This Course is designed to give you the basic knowledge on which to build a strong foundation for your health and achieve a natural state of radiance, energy, and balance.  You can use this course again and again during next 6 months. You can deepen your understanding of your own needs for healing, cleansing and optimum wellness. Learn the keys to creating comfort, reduce pain, increase regularity and relief. Scroll down below the video underneath this to Start Healing Your Digestive System in 15 Day Course.

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson What's Involved
DAY 1 # 1st Week of Gut Healing Recipes #
DAY 2 Food Preparation & Cooking Tips
DAY 3 Benefits of Cleansing for Gut Health
DAY 4 Simple Digestive System Test at Home
DAY 5 Why Eliminate Foods?
DAY 6 Improving Regularity
DAY 8 # 2nd Week of Gut Healing Recipes #
Day 9 Reducing Stress Tips for Helping Digestion
DAY 10 Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools
Day 12 Blood Sugar Balancing for Gut Health
DAY 15 Congratulations