Committing to Heal Your Digestion

Nutritional Therapy Coaching Program Wide

The GAPS Protocol which recommends highly nutritious and easily digestible fermented dairy and vegetables as well as bone broths. The purpose is to help remove gut dysbiosis (illness) and heal and seal the damaged gut wall.

It also helps to rebalance the gut flora to include more healthy beneficial gut bacteria.

A healthy digestive system is designed to protect the bloodstream from toxins or partially digested foods. Re-establishing normal beneficial gut flora and treating the digestive system assist in resetting the Vagus Nerve for the healthy functioning of the gut and brain connection.

There should be no processed foods at all in the diet. All foods should be bought fresh, as close to the way nature made them as possible, and prepared at home. Use high-quality organic, freshly cooked nourishing food to nourish yourself. It is essential that you are in control of the menu. Being in charge means knowing what the exact ingredients are and how and where they are processed and as lightly as possible, ie making ghee from organic grass fed butter. or sourcing it at a health food shop.