Terrible Toxins

Imagine if you lived in a very small space.  What would it be like if you could only remove 20% of the rubbish you brought in?  What would it feel like to be in that space after a week?  What about a month?  Now imagine a year!  How does it feel to be in that space now?  This is how your cells feel when they cannot release waste.

Detoxing your cells will improve your ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.  It will also stabilize and improve your energy.  During this program you will improve your health, increase your energy, and eliminate waste that causes disease, weight gain, and cravings.

When your body cannot eliminate waste properly it becomes acidic and toxic.  When it becomes acidic and toxic, your blood and your cells slow down.  When this happens, your body starts to slow down and break down. 

There are three reasons why toxins build up in your body.

1.  You take in more than you can eliminate either with food or lifestyle.  This inhibits your body from being able to fully recover.

2.  Toxins in our food, our environment, and our thoughts create waste our body cannot use.

3.  An overly acidic diet allows microorganisms (yeasts, molds, fungi, etc.) to flourish and produce Myco-toxins in our body which makes more toxins.

Toxins are stored in your cells.  The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your cells.

Healthy Cells: Because cells are vital to all life, they have basic needs for their survival.  Essentially, there are four things cells need to not only survive, but thrive:

1.  Oxygen.

2.  Water – the most abundant substance in the body.

3.  Nutrition.

4.  The ability to eliminate waste.

Three ways cells can die:

1.  Lack of oxygen due to poor circulation

2.  A disturbance to the electrical field of cells. In theory from electromagnetic devices

3.  Any physical rupture to the cells from injury

Your blood transports oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and eliminates waste.  Your lymph system works closely with the circulatory system as it cleanses and returns tissue fluid to the blood and destroys toxins that enter your body.   Your body has three times more lymph fluid than blood.

This program is designed to help you improve the quality of your cells, especially in your digestive system, by improving how your cells receive oxygen, water, and nutrients, and how your cells eliminate waste.