Do you want to learn how to start off your new Nutritional Therapy Business? Do you need help and support with developing a social media presence, new website, business, and marketing plans?


Making the right choice in direction and finding the way through the crossroads can be difficult. Step back, see the big picture and nurture your business as you transition from student to entrepreneur to successful businessperson

Nutritional Therapy Business School

Learn how to build a business over 12 weeks to attract new clients with confidence and ease. The Nutritional Therapy Business School supports you to implement the main steps necessary for success with motivation and support.

The topics covered in the Online Program include financial basics, creating your own website, marketing plan, social media presence and motivation essentials. This program has been awarded CPD points by NTOI.

Who We Are

This is a partnership with Sinéad Dundon, The Tummy Tamer and Eileen Hannon owner of Healthyways Nutritional Therapy with 50 years combined business knowledge. We have been successful in creating online and in person services and kept working through the lockdown online. We’d like to help others to succeed in their new business and develop Nutritional Therapy as a solution to Ireland’s many health issues.

Course Content

  • Understand the basics for accounting and setting up a business
  • Create your own website that you can easily manage (with support)
  • Become laser focused on your business plan and know what steps to take
  • Master your business in the best way possible for sustainable growth
  • Plan a Social Media strategy that works for you
  • Communicate in a way that makes your ideal clients listen and buy
  • Find business tools and shortcuts to avoid the pitfalls specific to Nutritionists
  • Be motivated to create a clear plan of action and tips to keep getting things done
  • Tools to help prevent overwhelm with too many choices and “shiny objects”
Nutritional Therapy Business School

Nutritional Therapy Business School

Learning Outcomes

  • Figure out which marketing strategies work for you to create an actionable plan and promote yourself in a way that gets results
  • Make money consistently by creating services and packages your clients love
  • Get rid of any overwhelm and confusion.
  • Build a sustainable business that supports your priorities instead of eating up all your time
  • Develop your confidence and start getting paid what you’re worth.
  • Attract the right clients for you and communicate with them in a way that makes them listen
  • Create services for clients that they follow recommendations and get results
  • Engage clients with confidence and ease because you know exactly how to speak to them to connect and convert… without feeling guilty, awkward or like a pushy salesperson
  • Spend your time working on your business, rather than in it
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed and lost
  • Make more money –efficiently, easier, and faster than you can ever imagine