Let's Get Started
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Step 1 Food Preparation & Cooking Tips
Step 2 1st Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 3 Benefits of a Diet Overhaul
Day 4 Digestive System Home Test
Day 5 Improving Regularity
Day 6 Focus on Chewing
Day 7 2nd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 8 Food Intolerance - Why Eliminate Foods?
Day 9 Reducing Stress for Digestion
Day 10 Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools
Day 11 Steps that Support a Healthy Liver
Day 12 3rd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 13 Cooling Inflammation
Day 15 Congratulations!

Week 1 Spring Meal Plan & Recipes

Start healing digestive system 15 days

Meal plan, shopping list & recipes – so you can see what to eat. You are going to love this because the food is delicious and satisfying, and you don’t have to come up with a plan on your own.  I do want to mention that the meal plan is a sample meal plan.  I really don’t expect people to follow it exactly. It’s so you can see what a week can look like.

Read through the recipes and find your favourites. Buy the necessary ingredients and try something new.

Keep checking on your Better Digestion Intentions. Is it to cut out coke or coffee? Or to increase your 5 or more a day and cutting down sweet treats?. These delicious recipes make it easy to include many more colourful fruits and vegetables. Learn about good quality protein, carbohydrate and fat sources to help improve your gut health .

All the best and happy cooking!