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Step 1 Food Preparation & Cooking Tips
Step 2 1st Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 3 Benefits of a Diet Overhaul
Day 4 Digestive System Home Test
Day 5 Improving Regularity
Day 6 Focus on Chewing
Day 7 2nd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 8 Food Intolerance - Why Eliminate Foods?
Day 9 Reducing Stress for Digestion
Day 10 Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools
Day 11 Steps that Support a Healthy Liver
Day 12 3rd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 13 Cooling Inflammation
Day 15 Congratulations!

Week 2 of Gut Healing Recipes

Start healing digestive system 15 days

Week 2 of Nutrition Protocol

Congratulations Week one done.

Now to keep moving forward in week 2. We are still focusing on removing wheat and dairy completely for the week. The benefits of increasing organic fruits and vegetable are increased antioxidants which will help heal and increased fibre for regularity.

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