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Step 2 1st Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 3 Benefits of a Diet Overhaul
Day 4 Digestive System Home Test
Day 5 Improving Regularity
Day 6 Focus on Chewing
Day 7 2nd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 8 Food Intolerance - Why Eliminate Foods?
Day 9 Reducing Stress for Digestion
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Day 11 Steps that Support a Healthy Liver
Day 12 3rd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 13 Cooling Inflammation
Day 15 Congratulations!

Stomach Acid

Increasing the effectiveness of the digestive system is essential to correctly absorb necessary nutrients.

The stomach acid levels and balance can be affected by eating to much sweet foods.

To increase the levels needed to digest proteins into the essential Amino Acids try the following

Slow down when eating and chew the food well

Count while chewing and try to get up over 20 chews per mouthful

Drink water 20 minutes before a meal so the body is hydrated

Don’t drink a lot of fluids with the food as it dilutes the stomach acid and other digestive enzymes

Drink a bitter drink or aperitif before food to stimulate bile and create more saliva in the mouth

Try making a smoothie with bitter salad vegetables or eat a bowl of crisp bitter salad leaves with a dressing made with olive oil and apple cider vinegar or a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.