Start Healing Your Digestive System in 15 Steps

  • Clear gas and wind, pains and uncomfortable feelings in your digestive system
  • Find out about how nutrition choices and food can help tame your digestive problems
  • Learn great food preparation tips to help with improving digestion upsets
  • Get your Fabulous whole foods Meal Plan
  • Learn ways to reduce the toxic burden on your body
  • Find which teas and herbs help best for your digestive issues

Join Sinead Dundon Nutritional Therapist The Tummy Tamer for this opportunity to tame your troublesome tummy.

Find out how simple changes in your food choices can make a big difference to your digestive system.

Get your head in the game and your results will soar!

Before beginning it is important to take inventory and assess where you currently are on all levels of being. Then create your intentions or goals for the cleanse.  Take the time to journal so you can become clear about what you want from this program and for yourself.  Below are a few questions to help trigger your thoughts so you start to get clear on what you want.

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Week 1 Spring Meal Plan & Recipes
Let's Get Started
Your Health Journal
Step 1 Food Preparation & Cooking Tips
Step 2 1st Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 3 Benefits of a Diet Overhaul
Day 4 Digestive System Home Test
Day 5 Improving Regularity
Day 6 Focus on Chewing
Day 7 2nd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 8 Food Intolerance - Why Eliminate Foods?
Day 9 Reducing Stress for Digestion
Day 10 Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools
Day 11 Steps that Support a Healthy Liver
Day 12 3rd Phase of Your Nutrition Protocol
Day 13 Cooling Inflammation
Day 15 Congratulations!