DAY 1 # 1st Week of Gut Healing Recipes #
DAY 2 Food Preparation & Cooking Tips
DAY 3 Benefits of Cleansing for Gut Health
DAY 4 Simple Digestive System Test at Home
DAY 5 Why Eliminate Foods?
DAY 6 Improving Regularity
DAY 8 # 2nd Week of Gut Healing Recipes #
Day 9 Reducing Stress Tips for Helping Digestion
DAY 10 Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools
Day 12 Blood Sugar Balancing for Gut Health
DAY 15 Congratulations

15 Day Food and Symptom Diary

Start healing digestive system 15 days

To find a solution we must first identify where the problem lies. In Nutritional Therapy we investigate to find the root cause of an issue. Afterwards we find ways of finding solutions.

We can prioritize where to start first and then create a plan of action. This module called “Tools for the Journey” aims to increase awareness of the intensity of symptoms and possible triggers and links. 

Gaining awareness, monitoring and documenting are useful tools for healing the gut. How we investigate might identify links and make a difference to your digestive health for the long term.

You don’t have to print and use the example of the Food Diary listed below. Even a copy book with a page for each day will help you keep track and focus on making changes every day. The goal is to start noticing more about what you eat and how it makes you feel.

Tracking how you feel each day can be useful when you want to try to link a certain food with a symptom. If you have removed the food for a week and then have it again it might take a few days for the symptoms or pain to happen. The diary makes it much easier to see any links with food. Identifying the trigger for bloating, pain and digestive discomfort can start you on your way to improve your health.

Being more aware of your eating