Nourishing and Healing

1. Making Changes

Practice breathing, calmly to detox the lungs.

Ensure good posture and sit and stand straighter to let more air in and out

Actively listen to what you say to yourself mentally–is it kind or mean– apologise & try again

Exercise and stretching and Rest when tired

2. Starting to let GOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..

The lungs, colon, and lymphatic system and skin begin detox process.

Continue to stop wheat, yeast, dairy and sugar

Some toxins are released from storage to be detoxified correctly

More gentle soluble fibre rich foods – wheat free porridge oats, pears, grated apples – browned to release pectin, psyllium husks.

Psyllium husks are a fine powder available in health food shop. Mix with water and drink very quickly. Sometimes its recommended to use in porridge or bread however main benefits of the bulk of husks and water is the sweeping cleansing action of the soluble fibre

Increased portions of vegetables raw and lightly cooked

More pre-soaked nuts and seeds. Ensure well chewed seeds.

Add healthy oils like olive oil or cod liver oil with vitamin D and A

3. Cleansing

Detox from the Liver and Kidneys the most important organs of elimination.

Essential to Wait until these organs are healthy and working well to deal with the extra work.

Toxins are often stored in fatty tissue.

Diarrhea or loose stools could indicate that the body is trying to expel a toxin or irritant.

They can cause discomfort when released or a “healing crisis.” 

It is not unusual to get cravings for comfort food. 

The body is trying to re-store the toxins in fat cells again.  

This would encourage more fat cells to be put on.

Instead reach for foods to bind, neutralize and remove them. 

Ensure that your adequate good quality protein, quality fat to stimulate bile production and antioxidants from a rainbow of coloured fruits and vegetables.

Fibre rich foods are essential to stimulate the bowels but not too much too quickly.

Water also includes soups, stews, smoothies and juices. nutrient dense

Add liver cleansing foods like Globe Artichoke, turmeric and dandelion leaves or tea.