Start Healing Your Digestive System in 15 Days

Start healing digestive system 15 days

This Start Healing Your Digestive System cleanse program is for you if you want to:

  • Clear gas and wind, pains and uncomfortable feelings in your digestive system
  • Find out about how nutrition choices and food can help tame your digestive problems
  • Learn great food preparation tips to help with improving digestion upsets
  • Get your Fabulous whole foods 15 day Meal Plan
  • Learn ways to reduce the toxic burden on your body
  • Find which teas and herbs help best for your digestive issues

Join Sinéad Dundon Nutritional Therapist The Tummy Tamer for this opportunity to tame your troublesome tummy.

The Start Healing Your Digestive System Cleanse Program is run online, You will have access to join our private Facebook group for accountability and support or work on your own with the easy to use recorded video modules.

The Program runs from Monday the 12th of September to Monday the 25th of September for 15 days. Sign up below or contact me for more information on how nutrition can help.

The investment in your health is €189

There’s no need to suffer or feel frustrated any longer. We’re here to help and to show you what to do over the 15 days with support and guidance.

Sign up below to find out how simple changes in your food choices can make a big difference to your digestive system.

The investment in your health is €189