Biting Off What You Can Chew

Welcome to Day 4

Welcome to Lesson 4. We will focus on the importance of food choices for good gut health.  In day 2 I advised using at a food diary to help in looking for likely culprits and triggers for gut problems.

To find a solution we must first identify where the problem lies.

Food allergies and sensitivities and intolerances are increasing

The prime suspects include wheat dairy citrus fruits, nuts, pork, eggs certain seeds. Eating problem foods can lead to inflammation or digestive issues. When our gut health is poor it this can lead to poor absorption of nutrients, also bloating, wind and gas.  

 What you need to do to help:

Chew your food really well and slowly with small mouthfuls.

Slow down when eating. This will lessen any gulping air down.

Relaxing lets the natural digestion process occur.  

Sometimes a digestive enzyme can be taken before a meal. This helps to break down the food and improve absorption of nutrients

Watch out for tight fitting clothes and compression especially in the stomach. Blockages of the natural passage of gases produced by digestion could be a source of pain. This can also cause fluid retention

Continue to use the diary to track issues.